Cielo Coffee offers a wide variety of caffeinated and caffeine-free options. All our coffee and teas are 100% Organic. Featuring customizable espresso drinks, tea lattes, and frozen treats.

Stop by today to try one of our Signature Hand Crafted Beverages ranging from an Almond Milk Latte, Dirty Chai Tea Latte, Sugar Free Madagascar Vanilla Latte, Chocolate Mint Chip Shake, Matcha Green Tea Ice Blended Neve, or even a Snow Cone.

Choose your Milk: Whole, Non-Fat, 2%, Soy, or Almond
Flavor choices: Vanilla*, Caramel*, Irish Cream*, Hazelnut*, Almond*, Cinnamon, Cookie Dough, English Toffee*, French Vanilla, Madagascar Vanilla*, Peanut Butter, Peppermint*, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Sauce*, White Chocolate Sauce, Caramel Sauce, & Dark Chocolate Chips
*Sugar Free Options Available
Make it Light: Non-Fat Milk, Sugar Free Syrup, No Whip

Freshly Brewed Coffee
Drip Coffee
Fresh brewed coffee of the day
Iced Coffee
Double strength coffee of the day over ice
Red Eye
Brewed coffee with one espresso shot
Black Eye
Brewed coffee with two espresso shots
Green Eye
Brewed coffee with three espresso shots
Café au Lait
Brewed coffee with steamed milk
Chocolate au Lait
Brewed coffee with hot chocolate

Delicately Pulled Espresso Shots
Espresso Shots
Single, Double, or Triple shot
Espresso shots topped with foam
Espresso shots with equal amount of steamed milk
Con Pana
Espresso shots with whipped cream

Hand Crafted Espresso Drinks (Hot or Iced)
Shots of Espresso (2,3,4) and water
*Hot only* Espresso with milk and half foam
Café Latte
Espresso with milk topped with foam
Vanilla (Flavor) Latte
Café Latte with your choice of syrup
Breve Latte
Espresso with half & half
Caramel Macchiato
Ristretto shots with milk, vanilla syrup, & caramel drizzle
Café Mocha
Espresso with milk and chocolate sauce
Sugar-Free Mocha
Espresso with milk and sugar-free chocolate sauce
White Mocha
Espresso with white chocolate sauce
Dark Chocolate Mocha
*Hot only* Espresso with steamed milk & dark chocolate chips

Tea (Hot or Iced)
Your choice of organic tea
Tea Latte
Your choice of tea with milk and !avored syrup
Iced Tea Lemonade
Iced tea with lemonade
Chai Tea Latte
Sweet spiced chai tea with milk
Dark Chocolate Chai Tea Latte
*Hot only* Chai tea latte steamed with dark chocolate chips
Dirty Chai Tea Latte
Chai tea latte with a shot of espresso
Matcha Green Tea
Sweetened matcha tea
Matcha Green Tea Latte
Sweetened matcha tea with milk
Yerba Mate
Sweetened yerba mate tea
Yerba Mate Latte
Sweetened yerba mate tea with milk

Other Favorites (Caffeine Free)
Vanilla (Flavor) Steamer
Steamed milk with your choice of syrup
Hot Cocoa
Steamed milk with chocolate sauce and whipped cream
Dark Hot Cocoa
Steamed milk with dark chocolate chips and whipped cream
Italian Crème Soda
Iced club soda with your choice of !avored syrup and half & half
Lemonade/Orange Juice

Ice Blended Neve and Decadent Ice Cream Shakes
Chocolate or Vanilla
Blended with your choice of chocolate sauce or vanilla syrup
Cookies and Crème
Blended with Oreo cookies
Double Chocolate Chip
Blended with chocolate sauce and chocolate chips
Chocolate Mint Chip
Blended with Chocolate sauce, peppermint syrup and chocolate chips
Berries and Crème
Blended with your choice of berry !avor
Matcha Green Tea
Blended with matcha green tea
Blended with shots of espresso
Espresso Bean
Blended with shot of espresso and espresso beans
Espresso Chip
Blended with shots of espresso, espresso beans and chocolate chips
Blended with shots of espresso and chocolate sauce
Mocha Mint Chip
Blended with espresso shots, chocolate sauce, peppermint syrup, and chocolate chips
Caramel Macchiato
Blended with ristretto shots, vanilla syrup, and caramel drizzle

Mixed Berry*
Piña Colada*
Strawberry Banana*
*Available as Non-Dairy

Other Ice Cream Favorites
Soft serve vanilla ice cream with your choice of sauce, almonds and whipped cream
Soft serve vanilla ice cream topped with 2 espresso shots
Root Beer Float
Soft serve vanilla ice cream with Root Beer

Snow Cones
Choose from a wide variety of fruity flavors

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