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We Love Our Organic Coffee Beans.


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At Cielo Coffee we have a passion for connecting loyal customers with carefully handcrafted products. With the highest quality ingredients we deliver vibrant flavors and fresh ingredients to our customers.

Warm Words


  • I've been coming to cielo coffee for several months, as a UCI students and coffee lover this is one of my favorite coffee shops. They have a wide assortment of fresh coffee every day and free wifi (which actually has great connections as many times I sit and work on my laptop and need Internet). Usually I order the brewed coffee, but today I ordered the "lava flow" which is a seasonal treat that's a mixture of piña colada and shaved iced and is a nice refreshing summery treat. The service here is great. The baristas have great attitudes and the manager is super friendly as well.
  • This is an excellent coffee place that I love to go with my friends and family! My favorite drink is the dark chocolate mocha. I highly recommend Cielo coffee!
  • Cielo coffee is one of my favorite coffee shops. This place never fails to be generally quiet when I'm studying here. There's bunch of art pieces decorating the wall, which is nice to look at. The service here is always friend and he baristas are always willing to recommend their favorites.I've tried a variety of things from their shakes, neves, smoothies and coffee.I don't like coffee, but I love their coffee shakes. I love their strawberry banana yogurt smoothie, and they add real strawberries and a banana in it. All their shakes are bomb and you can always customize your drinks in anyway. I've gotten red bull Italian soda which is just red bull and syrup but I love it when I need to study.